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Photo Gallery: descendants of Frank Austin Ireton

Photo Gallery: Jim Frank Ireton Collection (courtesy of Jerry Ireton and Jim F. Ireton III)

James Scott Ireton Descendants Family Tree (courtesy of Delores Ireton)

Ireton history by Merion Frank Ireton.

Obituary of Frank Austin Ireton

The Seven Sons of Frank Austin Ireton

Rolla Chester Ireton Son of Frank Austin Ireton

Carl Vernon Ireton Bataan Death March Survivor, son of Frank Austin Ireton

Jim Frank Ireton Son of Frank Austin Ireton

Elmer Scott Ireton Son of Frank Austin Ireton (includes new article by Brandon Ireton)

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Ireton History

Once source of information on the origins of the Ireton family is the book "Stemmata Shirleiana" published in 1873.  Pages 248 and 249 show an early family tree.  See the Shirley Family website for more information.  According to these references, the family took the name "Ireton" from "Little Ireton", a manor in the parish of Kedleston and county of Derby.  The first to bear the name appears to be Fulcher de Ireton, Lord of Ireton. 

A descendant of this line of Ireton's was General Henry Ireton (1611-1651), who was the son-in-law of Oliver Cromwell.  See also the Wikipedia entry about Henry Ireton.  The National Dictionary of Biography plus many other sources tell of him having one son and three daughters by his wife, Bridget Cromwell (the daughter of Oliver Cromwell). The children were:

  • Henry married to Katharine Powle who became lieutenant-colonel of dragoons and gentleman of the horse to William III. He left no issue.
  • Elizabeth born abt 1647 married in 1674 to Thomas Polhill of Otford, Kent
  • Jane born abt 1648 married in 1668 to Richard Lloyd of London
  • Bridget born abt 1650 married in 1669 to Thomas Bendish

"Stemmata Shirleiana" also shows an unnamed fourth daughter (Mary???) who married Nathaniel Carter, merchant of Yarmouth.

Page 248 of "Stemmata Shirleiana" notes "There appears to have been a younger branch of Iretons settled at Hatton (originally an estate in the Shirley family, see page 6,) in the reign of Edward III."  A diagram shows brothers "Roger de Ireton de Hatton" and "Henry de Ireton", along with descendants of Roger, including Nicholas, Stephan, Henry, and Simon.

Thanks to Delores Ireton of Choctaw, Oklahoma, I now know a little more about my ancestors in America. James Scott (nicknamed "Job" or "Tobas") Ireton was born in 1822 and died in 1890.  His birthplace may have been Cincinnati, OH, but more recent findings point to New Jersey. He married Eunice Pitman Radcliff (B. 1832 Cincinnati, D. 1906) and they had at least seven children, Albert (B. ~1857 in IL), Charles "Charlie" (B. July 04, 1861), Winfield (Win) Scott (B. June 25, 1865 Chicago), Frank Austin (my Great-Grandfather, born Jan. 21, 1867 Chicago), Edward (born Sept. 1869), Jennie, and Mattie (or Mattey or Martha).

Win married Alvira Shaner. Alvira (Viry) was born in Athens Co., Ohio Aug. 28, 1872 and died when a tornado destroyed the town of Leedy, Oklahoma, May 31, 1947. Win and Viry had seven children; Annie, Cora, Jessie, Arthur, Walter Elmer, Ed, Eunice, and Alice. Some of the family can be seen in this picture. Walter (b. Nov. 5, 1906, d. May 25, 1992) married Julia Elizabeth Hughes Dec. 23, 1931 near Bulter, Oklahoma. Their children are Elmer Joe, Leroy Franklin, and Verlene Kay (Yohn). Delores is the wife of Leroy. I have also been in contact with Eric Ireton who is Elmer's son.

Frank Austin and his wife Eda also had seven sons, including my Grandfather, Rolla Chester. My Uncle Merion Frank has written a good history of Frank Austin's family. Most of the pictures I have are of Frank Austin's family, although some include his siblings. I am very interested in any information regarding the seven sons and I know there are many descendants out there.

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Family of Frank Austin Ireton (Click to enlarge)

This picture shows the family of my Great-Grandfather, Frank Austin Ireton. This picture was taken near Putnam, Oklahoma in 1904. From left to right: Rolla Chester (my Grandpa), Austin, Jim, Eda, Frank, Henry, Elic, Elmer (Carl not pictured, was born the next year). 

Ireton Family reunion in Ropesville "Ropes", Texas 10-20-27 (Click to enlarge)

Pictured left to right: Murtle & Jim Ireton (husband & wife, son of Frank A.), Charles and Fannie Ireton (husband & wife, oldest brother of Frank A.), Hattie Ireton (Charles Iretonís daughter), Frank A. & Eda Ireton (husband & wife), Lillie & Rolla C. Ireton (husband & wife, son of Frank A.), Below: Alama, Elva & Frank (Rollaís children), Win & Viry (husband & wife, brother of Frank A.), Ed Ireton (Winís son), Elic & Pearl Ireton (husband & wife, son of Frank A.)

Frank Austin Ireton in his Ropesville, TX store

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