Possessions of a Prisoner of War

Carl Vernon Ireton was evacuated from the POW camp in Mukden by train on September 10 or 11, 1945 to the port of Darien.  He took with him a small pouch, apparently made from a uniform pocket.  Inside the pouch were a few meager belongings, including a notebook in which he recorded the names and addresses of many of his fellow prisoners.  After a career in the military, Carl lived his final years in Clinton, Oklahoma before passing away in 1969.  Nearly 40 years later, a wonderful man named Ray Snow discovered Carl's pouch in an antique shop in Oklahoma.  Ray recognized the significance of the pouch and its contents.  After some research, Ray discovered this web page and made a connection with the Ireton family. Ray graciously returned the items to the Ireton family.

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Pouch exterior

Pouch and contents

British and Australian buttons

Tags showing Carl's POW number 958

Back of 958 tag: Manchuria Mechanical Company

Japanese or Chinese stamps

Chinese stamp "done"

Chinese "done" stamp impressions

Hickock Beltogram

Notebook 1

Notebook 2

Notebook 3

Notebook 4

Notebook 5

Notebook 6

Notebook 7

Notebook 9

Notebook 9

Notebook 10

Notebook 11

Notebook 12

Notebook 13

Notebook 14

Notebook 15

Notebook 16

Notebook Contents (transcribed to the best of my ability)

Carl Vernon Ireton Notebook

Employed by 1-6-1942
Manshu Kosku kiki kabushiki kaishi
Hoten (Mukden) Mancukuo (Manchuria)
Finis 8r-13-45
American Par-troops dropped 8-15-45

Sgt Carl V Ireton 958
Route 1 Box 367C
N. Mex

Mothers address
Mrs Eda Ireton
1211 Avant Ave
Clinton, Okla

Armistice Rec By Gen Parker 8-16-45

Free - By Russians 8-20-45

Stephen D. Hutchison
? Ave
Milton, Fla

Jort? Fenton?

Allen Martin
Fountain Colo

Capt. Cash Skarda
Clovis N. Mex

Roy Weaver
Ellesburg (Ellensburg?) Wash

Herman Galloway 753
Boise Idaho
Rt 5

Joseph A Burgess
Rt. 1
Roanoke Texas

Isaac W. Laughrun
Rfd #1 (Speedy)
Relief North Carolina

James W Hand
Fort Worth
Rt 2 Box 95D

Ralph Middlebrook
Tupelow Ark

William Crebe (Grobe???)
820 Hickapoo
Leavenworth Kan

Address taken
chemistry text book
Ruth Albright
c/o Canadian Academy

Iray Cook
Fort Benton

John R. Epps
Rt. 1
Harviell Mo.

Carl Herron
Eads Colo

Col. Charles Sage
Deming N. Mex

Capt Charlie Brown
Deming N. Mex

Henry L. Thomas
Dustin Okal

Capt(?) G. Peter Davies
Meavgissey Vicarrage
Cornwall, England

Capt James McMinn
Carlsbad N. Mex

J. W. Donaldson, Capt
Deming N. Mex

Lt. Maynard B. Booth
Ridgeview, S. Dak

James C. Cox
Stockbridge Ga

Leroy C. Layton
Highland Ranch
Star Route 2
Tomahawk, Wis

H.B. Greenleaf
Billings, Mont

Kenneth Mattern
Klingerstown Penn

Col. Harry M. Peck
514 W. Fruit

Alvin A. Winnekens
R.R. 1 Denmark, Wisconsin

Earl Monroe Davis
Boone, Colo

Warren Mundell
5-11 First ave north (Wash
Hillerd (Spokane)
c/o Great Northern R.R.

Carl M Long
Mackinaw Ill
RR #1

JA Scott
Shell CO
Western Australia

Air Corps
CJ King
17605 Kentucky ave
Detroit Mich
UN 24435

Floyd Marshall
Russiaville Ind

Ross E Newkirk
R2 Box 16
Hanford, Calif

Homer E. Vinger
Dove Creek, Colo

Jacob S Gamboa
211 Front St
Salinas Calif

John J. Nichols
2002 Maser Ave
Dallas Tex

Arnold W. Momberg
Call GC Hunter
San Fransisco

Alvin W. Garrett
Box 294
Deming NM

William (Bill) (Dolue) Donaldson
May Idaho

Wesley Bendele
Hondo, Texas
Air Corp Weledu(?)

Phillip Wayne
Box 278 Railroad St
Baltic Conn

Iron Ores

Lewis E Loman
Rt. 1 Box 109
Carlsbad NM

Marcus C. Gordon
Madison Ind(?)
RR #4

Michael (Mitchell #1384?) Kocsis
2713 Woodbridge
Cleveland Ohio

Charles B. Fugazzi
628 South Limestone St
Lexington Kentucky

CPL(?) R. Sharpe
c/o Officer Yc Records
Royal Engineers
Chatham Kent England

G(?) Thompson
15 Higinson St
Preston Lancs England

H Mason
30 Hawksley St
Horwich Bolton
Lancs England

Albert Burkert
803 Engrs
U.S. Army A.B.O.
Washington D.C.

J.C. Ward (602)
1143 Steuben St
Utica N.Y.

Eddie Vinson
Canute Okla
Rt 2

Regis W. Theriac
Vincennes Ind R3

S/Sgt U.S.M.C.
Carl E Downing
2305 Covington
Hillsboro Texas

George Gust
6231 Hillyard
Spokane, Wash

A. Christie
64 Arterial Rd
Sneyd Green
Staffs Eng

? Harrison
VIA Balranald
NSW Aust

Major R.B. Hope(???)
Col. Survey Service

Nicholas Rohs
Hilltown, PA

Dorothy L. Robbins 601
49 Madison St
Koanoke Rapids N.C.

Bruce D. Cramer
Manville Wyo
c/o Mrs. Mario Houchin

Frank J. Lucas
4 Berlin St
Binghamton NY

Ronald Joy
5 Greenmount St
Leeds 11
Yorkshire England

David K. Phillips
Erick Oklahoma
RR #1

Henry Earl Hoegerl
Box 15
Violet Texas

J.D. Scott
773 Leonard St
Spartanburg S.C.

Mark Thompson
37 Mikasa Street
Walney Island
Lancashire, England

Joesph A. Vater
1462 Steuben St
Pittlsburgh, Pa

T.E. Aronds
2nd Lieutenant
War Department
Dutch East Indies

Roy E. Creceey (Creecey?)
Willow Creek Mont

Lt. H.E. Wad
12 Clonbrock
N16 England

Walter S. Hurley
1st Sgt
U.S. Army

Mark G. Herbst
431 S. McKinley
Canton, Ohio

Wm. W.M. Hewgley
123 Walton Ave
San Antonio, Texas
Ser. No. 6251383

Lt. L.B. Stiles
c/o U.S. Forest Service
Albuquerque N. Mex

Ernest Montoya
2700 So. Williams
Albuquerque N. Mex

William B. Lagare
214 Spring St.
Charleston S.C.

August G. Rucker
Hogan Ave
Gresham Ore

Dick Nunn
Hillsboro, N. Mex

Mrs. Roy Wilkens
sister Allen Wright
Sulpher Okla
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